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Saratoga Springs, New York

Entry form

Instructions and FYI:

Below are entry forms for each of the three weeks of our show.  Please note that each contains 2 pages.  The first page is the basic entry form you see at most horse shows.  The second page has been added by our host facility.  Please review it before you sign page 1 since you are agreeing to abide by some specific rules and requirements from the New York Racing Association (NYRA), the responsible parties for the barns you will be using when stabling here in Saratoga.

Please fill in the forms as completely as possible.  Pay particular attention to your contact information and the tax information for the person that will receive any award money won at our show.  Please include a ZIP (postal) code;  without this we cannot place you on our mailing list for next year.

Don't forget to include a phone number.  Without a phone number, we cannot contact you about errors or questions involving stabling, etc. 

Stall fees and Service fees must accompany entries submitted.

And of course, please sign each entry form.  Unsigned, incomplete or illegible entries or entry forms not accompanied by a check or credit card payment voucher will be returned.  (Please see pages 33 - 36 of the prize book for additional guidance.)

Entries must be post-marked by Wednesday, April 12, 2017 and be received in our office by Monday, April 16, 2017 to avoid post entry fees.

WEEK 1 - May 3 thru May 7, 2017

Download 2017 Week 1 Entry Forms

WEEK 2 - May 10 thru May 14, 2017

Download 2017 Week 2 Entry Forms

 WEEK 3 - May 17 thru May 21, 2017

Download 2017 Week 3 Entry Forms

Credit Card Authorization Form

Click here  or on the form below to download authorization form.