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Saratoga Springs, New York

Mary Lou Burmeister Memorial Trophy

Grand Champion Junior Working Hunter - Week 3

Mary Lou Burmeiste

Mary Lou was part of the Saratoga Horse Show for about 35 years along with her good friend Jan Smith.  She lived all around the United States and in various countries. She was a secretary for the American Horse Circuit that showed on the east coast from Maine to Florida. Mary Lou was one of the first to introduce computers to organize the shows to run more efficiently.   She was a pilot with the Air Force and shuttled jets from location to location.  She loved to drive her motor home, and was always looking for an adventure.  “I always found Mary Lou to be outgoing and friendly and willing to help if she could.  She was a pleasure just to talk with.”  

Year        Winner - - - - - - - - Rider 
2015      Kec Felix - - - - - - - - Katie Eppinger
2016      Cinderella Man - - - - - - - - Gabriella Fournier