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Saratoga Springs, New York

Camp Site Information

On-Site Camper / RV spaces

The Saratoga Springs Horse Show has a limited number of Camper (Trailer) and RV parking spaces that can be used for the duration of your stay at our show.   Our host does not allow campers or RVs to be parked in the barn areas with the exception of the Horse Watch / Fire Watch provider. Therefore you will need to park your Camper / RV in the location specified by our host facility.  If you do not plan on staying in your Camper / RV, it should be parked adjacent to the RV park area.   If you need a space for your Camper / RV with power and water, they will be assigned on a first come / first served basis.  If you need pump-out service, check with the Show Office for information on available providers.
This year, we have expanded our RV / Camper parking spaces to:
Twenty-one 30 amp / 115 volt sites, and
Six 50 amp / 230 volt sites.
Note:  The number of available sites may change due to the needs of the host facility. 

Please note that all Electrical hook up cables must meet the rated capacity of the service to which they are being connected.  That means if you are connecting to a 30 amp service, your power cable must be rated for 30 amps.  If you are using a 50 amp service, the cable must be rated for 50 amps.  This requirement is for your safety as well as the safety of those around you.  And, it is also the electrical code requirement for the area.   In addition, we do not allow the paralleling of two 30 amp feeds into a single service for a normal 50 amp hook up.  Please do not attempt this hookup. Thank you for cooperation.

Local Sites

If the number of requests for spaces at our facilities exceed our capacity, then it will be necessary for you to seek other accommodations for your stay. 

Below is a list of camp sites that are within a reasonable travel distance of our show grounds. We hope you give our site your consideration first, but if you need something else, here are a few options to choose from.  (Click on their names to go to their website.)

(We can not speak on the quality of these sites or their services.)

Other Locations 

If you don't mind the travel, here are a few locations that are a little more remote.  Enjoy.

  • Alpine Lake Camping Resort, Corinth, 518-654-6260  
  • Battenkill Sport Quarters Campground, Cambridge, 800-676-8768
  • Deer Run Campgrounds, Schaghticoke, 518-664-2804
  • Fort Ann Campground & RV Park, Fort Ann, 518-639-8840
  • Fort Bink Campground, Corinth, 518-696-2499
  • Frosty Acres, Schenectady, 518-864-5606
  • Fort Lauderdale Campground, Cambridge, 518-677-8855
  • Pop's Lake Campground, Galway, 518-883-8678
  • River Road Campground, Corinth, 518-654-6630
  • Rustic Barn Campsites, Corinth, 518-654-6588
  • Stewarts Pond Campsite, Hadley, 518-696-2779