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Saratoga Springs, New York

Charity Selection Process

Charity Selection Process

The process to select recipients of Horse Show Donations has three steps.

A.  During or shortly following the actual horse show for the given year, each volunteer that registered with us will receive a request to "nominate" three charity organizations to be considered as recipients for that year.  The nominated groups must meet the following requirements as specified in the sponsoring corporation's bylaws.  That is . . .

    1. They must by a registered 501c3 charity with the IRS,
    2. They must be operating within Saratoga County in New York state, and
    3. They must be an organization focusing on helping others in need.

If they meet all of these criteria, they are eligible to be considered as a recipient, if nominated.

B.  Once all nominations are received, a ballot is developed listing all the nominated groups (a group is only list once, even if nominated by several volunteers)  and this is sent back to each registered volunteer asking them to select 5 charities they would like to see receive help.  They are also asked to rank their five choices from "1" (first choice) to "5" (fifth choice).  Once this is done they return their completed ballot to the Capital Fund for counting. 

C.  When all ballots are received, the votes are tallied by assigning priority points to each volunteer's choices, with the first choice receiving 5 points and the fifth choice receiving 1 point.  The priority points of a volunteer's selections are they multiplied by a biasing number that represents the total number of hours that the volunteer worked at the show.  This process produces a rank order of charities that the volunteers prefer based upon their inputs with the volunteers that supported the show with more of their time having an increased impact of the ranking process. 

D. This list is then used by the Board of Directors of the Capital Fund to determine the total number of recipients and the amounts awarded to each.  The actual number of recipients is based on the amount of funds available for distribution each year.  Once all this is determined, the actual notification and transfer of the donations begin.  Notification is also made to the volunteer at this time as to the which charities are receiving donations.

Note:  The amount of funds available for distribution is determined by subtracting the start-up funds needed for the following year and any contingency amounts needed (as determined by the Board of Directors) from the net profits of the horse show.  This amount varies year-to-year.