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Saratoga Springs, New York

Helping Others

Fulfilling our Mission . . .

The mission of the Capital Fund of Saratoga County Inc, and accomplished through the Saratoga Springs Horse Show, is to raise funds for the sole purpose of helping  support the volunteer chosen charities within Saratoga County that are out on the front line helping individuals and families in need.

Our volunteers have come together and selected 65 groups to date that have received support during the past 5 years. It is a diverse group of charities that's providing their support in many different ways and on many different fronts.  We are happy to be able to be a small part in "helping them help others in need".

To date, this support has reached $256,118 in total in cash, products, and/or services since we began.  It has been a great start.  With continued good fortune, we will add to this amount each year hopefully making a larger contribution as each year progresses.  Thank you to all that has helped make this all possible.

To see a list of all the charities we have supported to date, click here.

Each year we receive acknowledgements from the groups helped.  Below are some of the responses grouped by year.

2016 Charity Recipients (click here to see list)

2015 Charity Recipients (click here to see list)  

2014 Charity Recipients (click here to see list)  

2013 Charity Recipients (click here to see list)  

2012 Charity Recipients (click here to see list)  

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