(Dates to be announced)


Saratoga Springs, New York

Special Events - Week 1

April 19 - May 3

Wednesday -

Competition Begins
$1,500 OTTB Thoroughbred Division 

Thursday -

$7,500 Welcome Stakes
USHJA Pre-Green Incentive Stake 

Friday -

$2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby
Exhibitor Appreciations Day at "Ben and Jerrys" 

Saturday - 

$30,000 Saratoga Cup Grand Prix (National Standard)
Low Children's/Adult Jumper Classic
NAL/WIHS Adult Jumper Classic
NAL/WIHS Children's Jumper Classic
NAL/WHIS Adult Hunter Classic
NAL/WIHS Children's Hunter Classic
Kentucky Derby Celebration 

Sunday -

$3,500 Low Junior/AO Jumper Classic
$5,000 Show Jumping Hall of Fame - High Junior/AO Jumper Classic
               (Bill Champagne Memorial Trophy)
$1,250 M&S Children's Jumper Classic
$1,500 M&S Adult Jumper Classic
M&S Adult Hunter Classic
M&S Children's Hunter Classic
$1,250 Pony Hunter Classic
M&S Children's Pony Hunter Classic
Grand Champion Junior Working Hunter
              (David B. Wood Memorial Trophy)