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Saratoga Springs, New York


Volunteers are the backbone of our success here at the Saratoga Springs Horse Show.  From its very beginnings in the early '60s, volunteers have planned, organized and run most aspects of this show.  Today the actual organizing and running of the competition has gone beyond the realm of the volunteer and we have contracted professional help in that area.  However, the remainder of the tasks are still volunteer based with very few acceptations.   

Because of this pivotal role by the volunteer, it is only fitting and proper that the volunteer take part in determining which charities benefit from their time and hard work.  That's right, the volunteers pick which charities will be helped by the horse show profits.  

Charity Selection Process

The process of selecting recipients of Horse Show Donations has three steps.  Click on the link below to see the details of this process.

How Charities are chosen to become recipients.

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We're looking for volunteers to commit to 2-4 hours or more either in the morning or afternoon. Some volunteer opportunities are available as early as 6 am! Please help make our show a success.

Visit our Volunteer Signup / Tasks page to find out what volunteering opportunity is a best fit for you!