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Saratoga Springs, New York

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To sign up as a volunteer, please start by filling out the form below.

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  1. Select ‘Volunteer Date” of interest (use drop-down calendar if desired) 
  2. Click On “Check Date for Positions” 
  3. Find a position that interests you and select the starting time (or times) you want to work that position. Note: Each time slot is for 2 hours. 
  4. Once you have selected the times for your position, go to the bottom of the list and select: “Sign Up” (You can only select one position at a time). Failure to click on “Signup” results on your choice not being registered. No confirming email will be sent to you if this is the case. 
  5. If you desire to sign up for additional positions for the same day, repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 above. 
  6. If you desire to sign up for positions on different days, repeat steps 1 through 4 for each day of interest. 
  7. When you have completed signing up, click on “Exit Volunteer Sign Up”. 

An email message will be sent to the email address you provided confirming the position, date, and time(s) for which you volunteered. Thank you for your support.




Be a Volunteer!


"Our good works are like stones cast into the pool of time; though the stones themselves may disappear, their ripples extend to eternity."   --Unknown

We can always use a volunteer.  If you are willing to give of your time a few hours in a day, or several days, we can use your help. 

Our volunteer needs during the show go from 6 AM through to 8 PM in some areas.  the number on people needed varies by the time and the day of the week.  Below are a list of tasks that volunteers have done in the past and are typically needed each show.,  Please note that help is also need to help cleanup the show grounds and perform maintenance needed before the show can begin and following the completion of the show to help take down and put away the equipment until next year.

If you can commit to 2-4 hours or more either in the morning or afternoon that would make our scheduling task easier.  However, any amount of time you can contribute is appreciated.  Please help make our show a success, volunteer now!.  Please sign into our Volunteer scheduling system to the right.  It will tell you what positions are open for a given date.  Thank you for your support.


Before The Show

  • Preparing the show grounds, raking, painting, mowing and general clean up 
  • Unloading & setting up our equipment, electrical hookups, setting up tents, etc 
  • Make repairs to existing facilities as needed to support the show. 
  • Make Improvements


  • Inspect assigned stalls before show and report any conditions that need addressed 
  • Install “Sharps” containers for each barn and appropriate signage for barn areas.


  • Install sound equipment and test for functionality in barns and on show grounds.


      • Completed Prior to Week1 Show. Pick up banners from local businesses & hang on fences - Contact us with your availability.

During The Show

  • Grounds maintenance & clean up during the show 
  • Resolve any ground’s issues that may arise 
  • On site help during the show to keep it running smoothly

After The Show

  • Dismantle show including cleanup and storage of equipment 
  • Make repairs as necessary before storing for winter 
  • Cleanup kitchen / grill equipment



  • Prepping & stocking kitchen for the show
  • Preparing food & kitchen cleanup


  • Grill Cooks (grill, griddle, deep fryer,etc.)
  • Prep
  • Servers

Food Tent

  • Servers (food from Kitchen).
  • Keeping the shelves stocked (coolers, steam tables, paper/plastic consumables, etc.)
  • Working the cash registers
  • Preparing coffee for the early risers (6 A.M. Shift)

Bar/ Bistro

  • Sever
  • Keep stocked as needed

Main Tent

  • Concierge for VIP tables (control access, act as waiter, police area)


  • Collecting at the Admissions booth, answering questions, directing incoming traffic
  • Coordinating / arranging Parking needs


  • Setting up and replenishing our souvenir stand
  • Staffing booth & selling merchandise

Awards Presenters

  • Work with Show Awards Presenter to help set up, track & hand out ribbons & awards during the show